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Factor Xa Inhibitors and Atherosclerosis
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Evidence that Factor Xa Inhibitors Prevent Atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Additional treatments are needed, but prevention would be far better. There is a growing body of evidence that Factor Xa inhibitors may safely and effectively prevent atherosclerotic plaque. A randomized clinical trial involving nominally health people is needed to establish whether Factor Xa inhibitors may be used safely and effectively as a primary prevention medication for atherosclerosis.

Background on Factor Xa Inhibitors as Preventive Medication for Atherosclerosis - as of 20171013
Download 20180425 Evidence Factor Xa inhibitors reduce prevalence of atherosclerosis and MACE.pdf
Provision patent filed by Adams Pharmaceuticals LLC
Second Patent Application Filing by Adams Pharmaceuticals LLC
Download 20171019 Patent filing for Adams Pharmaceuticals LLC - US20170296549A1.pdf